Executive Leadership

SaiedTehrani_4.jpgDr. Saied Tehrani President and Chief Executive Officer er

Dr. Saied Tehrani has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).




ESS_1458_cropped.jpgJohn Marsh – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Marsh has been Chief Financial Officer since 2007, having held other finance management roles since first joining the company in 2001.  He has also held senior-level finance positions with SSE Telecom, Cylink and National Semiconductor.


ESS_1680_cropped.jpgMartin Mallinson - Senior Vice President & Chief Scientist

Mr. Mallinson has more than 30 years of electronic design experience in the UK and North America. He joined ESS Technology when his IC design company, SAS, was acquired by ESS in 2001.


dustin-forman.jpgDustin Forman - Senior Vice President of Engineering & Managing Director

As Vice President of Engineering, he is responsible for the design and development of ESS’s audio convertor products including the highly acclaimed SABRE DACs.

ESS_1476_cropped.jpgRobert Wong – Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Robert Wong has been with ESS since 2005 and has more than 25 years of semiconductor sales, marketing, and product management experience. Prior to joining ESS Technology, Mr. Wong held Vice President positions at S-MOS Systems/Epson, Tak Imaging and NetChip Technology.


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