Audiophile DACs

converter2016B.pngWidely recognized as the gold standard in audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC) technology, ESS PRO SABRE DACs set a new standard for a truly immersive, high-resolution audio experience. With readily available high-resolution, users are looking for equipment that fulfills the promise of a sound experience matching the artist’s original performance. PRO SABRE DACs deliver on that promise enabling the highest quality sound possible, regardless of file format or device. 

SABRE DACs have consistently been selected for award-winning devices from the world’s leading audiophile system providers. ESS SABRE PRO DACs are designed for premium home theater equipment including Blu-ray players, preamplifiers, all-in-one A/V receivers, and more. Studio environments can also leverage the ES9038PRO SABRE DAC’s industry-leading performance for professional audio workstations and other equipment.

Mobile DACs

crescendo2016.pngSABRE HiFi DACs, designed specifically for mobile applications, are recognized for providing the immersive audio necessary for today’s portable devices. They deliver unprecedented levels of performance with ultra-low power consumption making them ideal for products such as smartphones, tablets, and high-resolution digital music players. SABRE HiFi DACs end the need to sacrifice a high-quality listening experience for portability and convenience. 

Unlike conventional sigma-delta DACs, all SABRE DACs incorporate patented circuits that deliver spectacular music quality, outstanding dynamic range (DNR) and extremely low total harmonic distortion (THD) levels. SABRE DACs have consistently been selected for award-winning devices from prolific smartphone vendors. With SABRE HiFi music truly comes to life.


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