Ultra 32-bit Stereo Mobile Audio DAC

The ES9016K2M SABRE32 Ultra DAC is a high-performance 32-bit, 2-channel audio D/A converter targeted for portable high-fidelity audio applications such as mobile phones and digital music players, consumer applications such as Blu-ray players, audio pre-amplifiers and A/V receivers, as well as professional applications such as recording systems, mixer consoles and digital audio workstations.

Using the critically acclaimed ESS patented 32-bit Hyperstreamä DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9016K2M SABRE32 Ultra DAC delivers a DNR of up to 122dB and THD+N of –110dB, a performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

The ES9016K2M SABRE32 Ultra DAC’s 32-bit Hyperstreamä architecture can handle up to 32-bit, 384kHz PCM data via I2S, DSD-11.2MHz data as well as mono mode for highest performance applications.  Both synchronous and ASRC (asynchronous sample rate conversion) modes are supported.

The ES9016K2M SABRE Ultra DAC is powered by a +1.8V to +3.3V supply for both the digital and analog sections, with internal regulators generating the core supply.  The DAC comes in a 28-QFN package, supports 1.8V logic levels and consumes less than 40mW in normal operating mode (< 1mW in standby mode)

The SABRE Ultra DAC sets a new standard for high quality audio performance, SABRE SOUNDTM, in a cost effective, easy-to-use form factor for today’s most demanding digital audio applications.




Patented 32-bit Hyperstreamä DAC

  • +122dB DNR
  • –110dB THD+N
  • 32-bit audio DAC powered by Sabre32 DAC architecture with unmatched dynamic range and ultra low distortion
  • Supports both synchronous and ASRC (asynchronous sample rate converter) modes

Patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator

  • Unmatched audio clarity free from input clock jitter

64-bit accumulator and 32-bit processing

  • Distortion free signal processing

Integrated DSP Functions

  • Click-free soft mute and volume control
  • Programmable Zero detect
  • De-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz sampling

Customizable output configuration

  • Mono or stereo output in current or voltage mode based on performance criterion

I2C control

  • Allows software control of DAC features

28-QFN (5mm x 5mm) package

  • Minimizes PCB footprint

< 40mW operating, < 1mW standby power

  • Maximizes battery life

1.8 to 3.3V analog & digital power supplies

  • Reduces power and simplifies power supply design

1.8V digital logic supported

  • Connects to Application Processor without level shifter

Versatile digital input

  • Supports SPDIF, PCM (I2S, LJ 16-32-bit) or DSD input

Customizable filter characteristics
(revision V only)

  • User programmable filter allowing custom roll-off response
  • Bypassable oversampling filter



  • Mobile phones / Tablets / Digital music players / Portable multimedia players
  • Blu-ray / SACD / DVD-Audio player
  • Audio preamplifier and A/V receiver
  • Professional audio recording systems / Mixing consoles / Digital audio workstation


Functional Block Diagram



Typical Mobile Application Diagram


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