ESS Technology Introduces A Breakthrough to Simplify Audio System Design

< Newsroom | Posted: Wednesday January 6, 2016

Revolutionary ES9311 Dual Regulator Delivers Ultra-Low Noise Outputs Necessary for High Resolution Audio

CES 2016 – Las Vegas, NV – ESS Technology today announced the ES9311 – the industry’s first low-noise, low-dropout regulator designed specifically for high-performance audio systems. The ES9311 is ideal for use with high-resolution audio (HRA) converters thanks to its revolutionary dual regulator architecture which contains innovative series-voltage and shunt-voltage elements, eliminating the need for output decoupling capacitors – an industry first in audio system design. Customized for audio, the ES9311 provides the extremely low-noise outputs that are necessary for driving the reference inputs of audio converters and offers significant value-add for audio system designers.

“For years audio quality was sacrificed for the convenience of portability but now we are experiencing a perfect storm with increased storage, greater bandwidth and readily available high resolution music content,” said Dan Christman, ESS’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With the ES9311 we are introducing a new class of audiophile-worthy component to support this HiFi revolution.  For our audiophile customers it delivers a winning trifecta of better performance, simplified system design, and reduced build of materials.”

The ES9311 regulator replaces three active devices and several passive components typically used in audio system designs, shortening design cycles for faster time-to-market. A revolutionary step forward in component technology specifically designed for audio, the ES9311 integrates seamlessly with ESS Technology’s SABRE DACs as well as the company’s line of headphone amplifiers. It is ideal for analog converters, smartphones, and HRA music players that require a very low noise level to deliver a premium audio experience for the most discerning professionals and audiophiles.

Technical Specifications

This best-in-class dual, low-dropout regulator consists of a low-noise bandgap voltage reference, two high-performance low-noise low-dropout buffers, protection circuitry against over-current and over-temperature fault conditions, plus control logic and signaling.   The regulated outputs use remote sensing to maintain voltage accuracy at the load under varying load currents, and the output voltage can be trimmed, if required, to be exactly +3.3V.

A product brief with further technical details and block diagrams is available here.

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