ESS Introduces Crescendo VII Audio SoC for Soundbars and Wireless Speakers

< Newsroom | Posted: Thursday December 12, 2019

7th-generation System-on-Chip combines audio processing and signal routing in cost effective platform with DTS Virtual:X certification

Milpitas, California – ESS Technology, the industry leader in audio and analog design, announced today it’s 7-generation of audio processors for soundbars and wireless speakers.  The Crescendo VII is a highly integrated solution for consumer audio products that provides a multicore solution for system control and signal processing with a range of inputs and interfaces.  The Crescendo VII enables compact, power-efficient, and cost-effective designs for sound bars, wireless speakers, and active subwoofers.

The Crescendo VII is a multicore audio processing chip with two 32-bit RISC, three custom audio DSP processor, and a 64-bit media processor for audio decoding.  The solution is certified for DTS Virtual-X as well as Dolby Digital, MP3, FLAC and many more.  ESS offers a suit of common audio algorithms to make system design easy including virtual surround, bass enhancement, lip-synchronization, a software parametric equalizer (PEQ) for speaker equalization, as well as custom algorithms that can run on the user-programmable 32-bit Audio Coprocessor.

By utilizing multicores and focusing on power reduction the Crescendo VII offers a reduction in both operating and standby power consumption from the previous generations, enabling systems to meet the demands of green product approvals. The lower operating power also eliminates the need for a heatsink in standard applications. The elimination of heatsinks and the small 128-pin Quad Flat Pack (QFP) package, enable compact and innovative designs for end systems.

Designed specifically for audio processing applications, the Crescendo VII offers the lowest system bill of material cost.  The new generation features improved USB and UART speeds that allow for support of improved Bluetooth connectivity, higher bit rate audio, and increased number of supported channels. The hardware features include stereo ADC for connection to line input sources, an 8 channel I2S input, a 4 input SPDIF/ARC receiver for connection to coaxial, optical, HDMI and ARC input sources, a 4-channel system ADC for analog status measurement, a 3-channel key ADC for multi-key support, and a high speed USB host controller for firmware upgrade or music playback.

“ESS technology has been the market leader in audio processing chips for over 20 years and our new Crescendo VII sets a new benchmark in the industry,”  Said Shawn Scarlett, Senior Director of Marketing, “The multicore capability, flexible connectivity, and the high performance ADC and DAC gives our customers tremendous flexibility and performance to optimize their solution based on our reference design.”


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