ESS Technology Releases 2nd Generation of its Ultra Low Noise Dual Channel Voltage

< Newsroom | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2024

The newest generation of SABRE ultra low noise regulator is ideal for high performance audio devices 

February 21, 2024 – San Jose, California –ESS Technology, Inc., the industry leader in audio semiconductor devices, today announced a dual channel SABRE voltage regulator. 

The ES9312 is a dual ultra low noise linear regulator optimized to supply the reference voltages for ESS Technology’s SABRE® DACs, ADCs, CODECs as well as applications that require very low noise voltage references. 

The dual regulator’s output noise is as low as 1µVrms from 10Hz to 100kHz which enables the designer to achieve the highest possible DNR and lowest noise performance that is a requirement  for high end audio devices such as the ES9039PRO at +140dB DNR and -122dB THD+N.  It is the ideal low-noise regulator for use with all ESS SABRE DACs and ADCs as well as general very low noise voltage regulated requirements. 

In addition, the ES9312Q provides several unique features not available in standard regulators including the ability of self-calibration when paired with selected ESS DACs.  The calibration feature of the ES9312 uses a reference resistor of select ESS DACs with a fixed current from the ES9312 to adjust the regulated output voltage to ensure that output levels are maintained from chip to chip for the highest of performance for audio applications. 

Internal voltage fixed mode with presets that help simplify device configuration for standard voltages of 1.2V/1.8V/3.3V/4.5V with a simple pin configuration using a common 5V supply. Normal external voltage fixed mode can allow for any voltage within the standard voltages. 

The integrated “power-good” (PG) indicator for over-temperature, under-voltage & over-current warnings allows for system protection while also incorporating an automatic over-temperature shutdown. 

Both voltage reference channels can provide up to 180mA of low noise regulation at multiple voltage levels. 

“Low noise regulator is a critical component in many systems as well as all audio systems to achieve best performance.”  Said Robert Wong, VP of ESS worldwide Sales and Marketing.  “ES9312 gives customer an opportunity to achieve best performance in a cost-effective way.”  

The ES9312 is available in a small 16 pin 3mm x 3mm QFN package for minimizing board area and allowing for multiple devices to be used in system designs. 

Evaluation boards, reference designs, and samples are available. For more information, please contact your local ESS Representative or distributor. 

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