ESS Technology releases a New 2 Channel High Performance Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter with integrated PGA

< Newsroom | Posted: Thursday April 13, 2023

The new SABRE Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) sets another industry benchmark for audio performance, features, and cost effectiveness.

April 13, 2023 – San Jose, California – ESS Technology, the industry leader in audio semiconductor devices, today released its new 2 channel ES9826 SABRE® ADC, 2 integrated ADCs which use ESS’ patented Hyperstream® IV ADC architecture, and a front-end PGA together deliver unprecedented audio sound quality and specifications, including a DNR of +123dB and a THD+N of -105dB.

The new SABRE line of ADCs use ESS’ patented HyperStream® IV modulator that gives SABRE DACs their legendary sound quality. HyperStream® modulation allows for timing jitter to be pushed out of the audio range so the resulting soundstage is pure and consistent and have a flat noise floor of 200kHz .

The ES9826 SABRE ADC expands on the current family of ESS ADC devices, and it is designed to optimize system performance while integrating new functions to reduce price sensitive designs.

The ES9826 includes +30dB programmable gain amplifier (PGA) as well as a high-performance analog phase lock loop (APLL) high performance clock source which gives customers a multitude of options for clock sources for ease of system design and further reduce BOM requirements.

The ES9826 introduces a new optional Auto Ranging Enhancement (ARE) function that broadens the dynamic range of the source material while maintaining audio integrity.

Microphone support is also an integral part of the ES9826 with a MIC BIAS regulator for analog microphones and a stereo PDM interface for digital microphones incorporated.

The ES9826 achieves high sample rates outputs, handling PCM sampling rates up to 768 kHz.

Serial bus interfaces I2S master and slave, TDM, as well as S/PDIF output formats are supported. TDM includes daisy chain connectivity with multiple devices for up to 32 channels on 1 TDM data line.

The control interfaces include I2C, SPI and a Hardware mode to simplify programming. The pre-programmed optimized digital filters allow for customization to achieve outstanding acoustical and latency preferences while preserving signal integrity. The integration of low noise ADC reference regulators and small package reduce customer BOM cost further.

The new ES9826 SABRE ADC is ideal device for professional microphones, video conferencing, IP network camera systems and smart speakers.

“ESS Technology is committed to expand and innovate on audiophile grade ADCs. We integrated many external devices in the ES9826 to reduce bill of materials, cost, and board space while maintaining the best-in-class audio performance” stated Robert Wong, Vice President of ESS Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

The ES9826 is available in a 28 pin QFN package. In addition, a full evaluation board and reference design are available. For more information, please contact your local ESS Representative. More Details can be found at


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