SABRE® and QUAD DAC TM Technology from ESS Enables High Audio Quality in the Latest LG G8 Phone

< Newsroom | Posted: Friday April 12, 2019

The G8 ThinQ Continues LG’s Commitment to Innovative Audio Features and Market-Leading Sound Quality Based on SABRE®and QUAD DAC™ Technology from ESS

Milpitas, California – ESS Technology, the industry leader in HiFi audio and analog design, announced today that its audio System-on-Chip (SoC), The ES9218P, powers the latest G8 ThinQ smartphone by LG.

The new G8 ThinQ from LG delivers audiophile sound-quality delivered by ESS Technology’s ES9218P.  The ES9218P is a System-on-Chip that offers impressive sound quality to mobile devices, designed to meet the demanding needs of mobile applications.   The ES9218P is built around the legendary ESS SABRE® DAC.  The technology provides amazing sound quality with a stable image and immersive sound-stage.  The ultra-low noise QUAD DAC Technology reduces background hiss without consuming significant power from the battery.

The ES9218P has a unique high-power headphone driver that allows the G8 ThinQ to deliver up to 2vrms output power, enough to support the most demanding of headphones.  This gives the G8 significant headroom compared to other phones which deliver less than half the voltage.  The extra power eliminates the need for accessory devices that are bulky and expensive.

“ESS is pleased to be working with and enabling LG, the market leader in providing high audio quality phones.  The G8 ThinQ sets the new phone audio standard by combining ESS audio chip technology with other audiophile features like MQA, Boombox speakers, audio tuning by Meridian, and the new Speaker Screen technology” said Robert Wong, VP of Sales and Marketing for ESS Technology.

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