LG V30 and V30+ Smartphones Feature Audiophile Performance from ESS Technology

< Newsroom | Posted: Sunday September 17, 2017

LG V30 and V30+ Smartphones Feature the ES9218P Integrated HiFi SoC with 32-bit stereo channels, QUAD DAC, HyperStream® II and 2Vrms Headphone outputs

Milpitas, California – ESS Technology, the industry leader in HiFi audio and analog design, announced today that its newest headphone System-on-Chip (SoC), The ES9218P, powers the latest V30 and V30+ smartphones by LG.

The new V30 and V30+ build on the Hi-Fi audio system with QUAD DAC™ that was first introduced by its predecessor.  The new phones feature a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi audio system powered by ESS Technology’s ES9218P.  The ES9218P has improved performance and allows new customization features to match the sound-quality expectations of the most discerning listeners.  Users can now customize the digital filters within the QUAD DAC technology to their specific tastes, and the sound can be further refined with additional user controls.

ESS and LG worked together so that the user can control channels independently as well as tailor the output filters to match personal preferences, these types of features were previously only available on very high-end home audio systems costing thousands of dollars.  ESS also worked to improve the specifications and tolerances of the part, achieving a distortion rate below 0.0002 percent and the best possible performance for each individual user.

“LG is continuing to raise the bar on audio performance.  They are focused on bringing the audiophile experience from the living room to the smartphone. The V30 and V30+ are a great choice for people who truly appreciate great sound,” said Shawn Scarlett, Marketing Director for ESS Technology.  He continued, “The QUAD DAC technology combined with the powerful processor and built in audiophile streaming service make these phones a great replacement to stand-alone audio players, and they don’t require bulky adaptors.”

At the heart of the ES9218P is the legendary SABRE® DAC, that provides amazing sound quality with a stable image and immersive sound-stage.  The ultra-low noise QUAD DAC Technology allows users to hear every nuanced detail while the 2V output amplifier can support even the most demanding headphones, providing ample power for clear, solid base with crisp highs.  Wherever you are, you can enjoy a supreme listening experience directly from your new LG smartphone.


About ESS Technology
For more than three decades, ESS Technology has been on the cutting edge of audio technology. A privately-held fabless semiconductor company, ESS Technology designs and markets high-performance analog and HiFi audio devices for mobile, consumer, automotive, and professional audiophile systems. The company was founded in 1984 and Today ESS Technology is best known for its SABRE series of high-performance audio products. For more information, visit http://www.esstech.com.