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ESS products are consistently recognized as best-in-class audio solutions.

Digital to Analog Converters

SABRE DACs are widely recognized by audiophiles as the gold standard for audio performance. Products featuring SABRE DACs deliver a highly immersive listening experience with strong technical specifications. Sabre DACs incorporate patented circuits that deliver spectacular music quality, unprecedented Dynamic Range (DNR) and extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) levels. SABRE DACs have consistently been selected for award winning devices from innovative audiophile, professional and smartphone manufacturers.

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Analog to Digital Converters

Sabre ADCs deliver the highest audio performance with unprecedented dynamic range and total harmonic distortion. The SABRE PRO ADCs also uses ESS’ patented Hyperstream-II modulator that gives SABRE DACs their legendary sound quality. Hyperstream-II modulation allows for timing jitter to be pushed out of the audio range so the resulting soundstage is pure and consistent. Hyperstream-II technology also allows SABRE PRO ADCs to have a flat noise floor of 200kHz with more than 10dB lower distortion compared to other competing devices. These new SABRE PRO and SABRE ADCs are ideal for the most demanding of equipment, including audio mixing consoles, high-performance Microphone Preamplifiers, Audiophile equipment, samplers, audio processors and test equipment.

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USB Audio Solutions

ESS USB audio solutions combine the legendary sound quality of ESS SABRE® DACs with easy-to-use solutions for headsets and dongles. The products feature best-in-class specifications and high-power outputs capable of supporting the most demanding of headphones. Jack detect functionally allows for easy use in USB-C Dongles. And the integrated ADC’s and PDM inputs enable recording inputs or ANC microphones.

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Audio Amplifiers

ESS audio amplifiers allow listeners to enjoy superior sound resolution and dramatically improved detail. They are designed to work seamlessly with all ESS products and are very low noise – consistently delivering excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) and outstanding THD levels. By combining ESS audiophile amplifiers with SABRE DACs, the device ensures outstanding performance and sound quality from the digital music source all the way to the listener’s headphones or speakers.

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Voltage Regulators

The ESS low-noise, low-dropout voltage regulator is a breakthrough in simplifying audio system design. Optimized specifically for audio applications, this dual regulator was designed for to optimize audio system design while improving system performance. ESS voltage regulator technology is the perfect complement to the award winning ESS SABRE DACs and audio amplifiers that are widely deployed in high-end smartphones and PCs, recording studio equipment, and premium audiophile set-ups.

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Soundbar & Audio SoCs

ESS soundbar and audio system on chip (SoC) products integrate highly acclaimed SABRE DAC technology with audio decoding and audio post-processing on a single chip. These products significantly lower overall system cost without compromising audio performance. Our Crescendo and Ensemble products each integrate audio functionality with SDRAM in a single package. They deliver spectacular music with unsurpassed sound quality, utilizing ESS’s patented modulator Hyperstream technology.

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