Analog to Digital Converters

Sabre ADCs came from the pedigree of the Sabre DACs and deliver the highest audio performance with unprecedented dynamic range and total harmonic distortion. The ES9842 PRO provides 4 channels of ADC with a DNR of 122dB and 116dB of THD+N, the ES9822 PRO is a 2 channel ADC, with a DNR of 124dB and 117dB of THD+N, achieving the best per channel specification of any part on the market.  When the ES9842 PRO’s 4 channels operate in parallel, as a mono channel ADC, they provide +128dB of dynamic range, a performance mark that is the best in the industry today.

The ES9840 & ES9820 provides 4 & 2 channels of ADC with a DNR of 116dB, and 108dB of THD+N.

The new SABRE PRO ADC offers incredibly fast sample rates, handling PCM sampling rates up to 768 kHz and DSD rates up to DSD512.

Product Name


Stereo Reference ADC with 124dB DNR

4-Channel Reference ADC with 122dB DNR

Stereo Audiophile ADC with 120dB DNR and hardware mode

Stereo Audiophile ADC with 116dB DNR

4-Channel Audiphile ADC with 116dB DNR

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