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The SABRE® ES9290 is a synchronous stereo analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) CODEC targeted for professional audio interfaces, live stream media, high-quality microphones, and professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) audio recording. The ES9290 is a cost-effective solution that has stereo ADCs & DACs which use ESS’ patented Hyperstream® IV Architecture, which delivers unprecedented audio sound quality and specifications, including a DNR of +116dB and a THD+N of -108dB/-110dB (ADC/DAC) per channel. A direct monitoring path is also provided with very low latency. Built-in programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs) with a gain of up to +30dB, 2Vrms Line Driver Buffers for simplification of BOM requirements, custom pre-programmed filters and a Digital Full Biquad (DBQ) filter with many presets and custom filters.


ESS USB audio solutions combine the legendary  sound quality of ESS SABRE® DACs with easy-to-use solutions for headsets and dongles.  The products feature best-in-class specifications and high-power outputs capable of supporting the most demanding of headphones.  Jack detect functionally allows for easy use in USB-C Dongles.  And the integrated ADC’s and PDM inputs enable recording inputs or ANC microphones.

MQA (Master Quality Authentication) renderer that makes MQA playback easy and cost efficient.  MQA rendering is an ideal fit for USB-C headsets because an increasing number of software decoders support MQA core decode.  Enabling the MQA rendering  requires no additional design work for the headset maker.

The ESS Audio Signal Processor allows for advanced audio filters for Programmable Equalizers (PEQ), sidetone or other custom designs.

Product NameDatasheet/ Product BriefUSBAudio Signal ProcessorMQA Hardware RenderingDNR per ChannelTHD+NPackageMax Out VoltageComments
ES9281A PROProduct Brief1.1 & 2.0YesYes124dB-112dB90-CSP/88QFN2 VrmsUSB Bridge, Stereo input, Mic input, MQA*
ES9280A PROProduct Brief1.1 & 2.0YesNo124dB-112dB90-CSP/88QFN2 VrmsUSB Bridge, Stereo input, Mic input
ES9270CProduct Brief1.1 & 2.0NoNo117dB-110dB90-CSP2 VrmsStereo input, Mic input
ES9260QProduct Brief1.1NoNo123dB-106dB40-QFN1 VrmsIntegrated PLL & Regulator

*Note: MQA license required

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