SABRE Smart Amplifiers

ESS Smart Amplifiers are self-contained audio systems that combine power-boosting amplifier with integrated DSP that runs a cutting-edge speaker-protection and signal-boost algorithms.   Designed to boost the audio quality and efficiency of phones, tablets, wireless speakers, and watches.

These devices are based on patented 7-level Class-D amplifier technology that offers improved efficiency and lower EMI than standard amplifiers.  These products use a voltage-tripling capacitive boost that generates up to three times the battery supply without the use of a bulky and expensive inductors.  These advances are coupled with the legendary sound quality of SABRE DACs, and advanced sound processing algorithms from the audio experts at ESS.

Stereo / Mono Integrated Audio Signal Processor Output Power (8 Ohm)  Max Boost Boost Topoology Multi-Level Class-D (MLCD) Low-Noise Receiver Package
ES8018 Mono Yes 4.5 watts 15V Inductorless Yes 7-Level Yes

49-bump CSP

Product Name


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