Soundbar & Audio SoCs

ESS Technology’s Crescendo Series is a new generation of SoundBar and Docking System-on-Chip that integrates the highly acclaimed SABRE DAC and ADC with audio decoding, audio post-processing into a single chip to significantly lower the overall system cost without compromise to audio performance.

Crescendo III+ SoC for TV SoundBars

The Crescendo III+ SoundBar is a 4th-generation SoC that integrates all soundbar audio functions and SDRAM in a 128-pin Low Profile Quad Flat Pack (LQFP) package.

For best sound, the Crescendo III+ SoC is built on the ESS SABRE DAC technology normally found only in high-end audiophile and professional audio equipments to deliver spectacular music with an unsurpassed sound stage, utilizing the ESS patented HyperStream™ modulator capable of 100% modulation and unconditional stability to drive analog or digital amplifiers. For digital amplifiers, feedback is provided to drastically reduce distortion and non-linearities encountered by open-loop systems.

For lowest system BOM, the Crescendo III+ SoC embeds a 2MB SDRAM and adopts a unified memory architecture for lowest memory cost. It integrates a 32-bit RISC and a 64-bit media processor for audio decoding, post-processing, lip-synchronization and sound effects such as virtual surround and bass enhancement, a hardware parametric equalizer (PEQ) for speaker equalization, an automatic gain limiter (AGL) for anti-clipping control, a user-programmable 32-bit Audio Coprocessor for custom sound algorithms, a 5.1-channel patented HyperStream™ Class D or D/A converter with 3-channel feedback for driving digital or analog power stages, a 2-input HyperStream™ stereo ADC for connection to line input sources, a 6-input SPDIF/ARC receiver for connection to coaxial, optical, HDMI and ARC input sources, a 4-channel system ADC for analog status measurement, a 2-ch PWM controller for analog voltage control, a 3-channel key ADC for multi-key support, and dual full-speed USB host/device controllers for firmware upgrade or music playback from thumb drives or iPod.

Other Crescendo solutions

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