Two New Accessories Give LG’s Modular Smartphone Super Powers

< Newsroom | Posted: Thursday February 25, 2016

You probably know by now that the LG G5 is a modular phone. The bottom of the device is removable and can be swapped with different accessories that multiply the phone possibilities. A couple of them caught our attention: a little module that will amaze audiophiles, and a bulky module that adds physical camera buttons.

The official name is LG HiFi Plus and plugging it into the G5 expands the size of your device by a little less than 1.3cm. In exchange, it offers an spectacular improvement on the music you can listen to.

Inside the module there is a Sabre DAC 9602C. It’s manufactured by ESS Technology, a veteran Californian company that sells custom HiFi solutions. The Sabre 92602C was introduced during CES 2015 and its specifically designed to improved sound quality on smartphones and tablets.